Tied into "No Shave November" campaigns, Brian and the RVA Beard League will be promoting this challenge for the entire month of November and into early December. His "Shave-a-versary" is December 16th, which is doomsday. It will have been 5 years since he's seen his face. Per his request, Brian will be kept in the dark on votes. "I want it to be a complete surprise to me." So on that day he'll sit down at a barber chair, live streaming the results to the Facebook group, and will have it either chopped or saved. If this works well and the beard is saved we'll do this again next year!

We would also really love to partner with local small businesses, restaurants, etc. with an advertising option to show our followers and news outlets which local stores put their money where their mouth is when it comes to making our community that much better.

We are really looking forward to what we can accomplish! Please enjoy the pics I have attached....I am not sure why I let my niece talk me into a "prom photo" of peeking around a tree but why not! I hope we can have some fun with this and get a little goofy.